Sports Chiropractor for Mississauga

Playing sports is all about balance. Balance in pushing yourself in the short term but holding back a bit so you can continue playing for the long term. Why? Because there are few things as frustrating as not being able to play a sport you love due to being sidelined by an injury. Luckily, for the athletes of Mississauga, both amateur and professional, there is help close at hand.

The chiropractors at Albion Hills Chiropractic And Massage are specially trained to diagnose and correct sports injuries. And that is not all. Chiropractors are skilled at finding muscular or skeletal issues that develop into chronic problems and dealing with them before they become worse. If you are concerned about even a small injury, come and see us to ensure that it won’t be made worse every time you play.

Common Chiropractic Care for Sports Injuries in Mississauga

Sports-related injuries are one of the most common reasons our patients come to see us. Here is a short list of the injuries we help repair and manage on a regular basis.

Sprained Ankle: Rolling, twisting or turning your ankle beyond its normal range of motion will result in damaged ligaments and a sprained ankle. Swelling and intense pain are accompanied by being able to place little to no weight on the foot directly after the injury. Normally the treatment is pain medication and letting the foot rest. However, this overlooks the problem that the bones in the foot and ankle may have become shifted, resulting in longer recovery time and a high possibility of recurrence. A chiropractor can realign the foot so that pressure is evenly distributed, the healing process is hastened and the overall stability of the ankle is increased.

Shin Splint: From running a marathon to chasing your kids around the backyard, there are many reasons shin splints occur. The shin bone is designed largely as a stabilizer and a shock absorber but if it is damaged or misaligned it can become inflamed and/or irritated, resulting in significant pain and discomfort. The chiropractors at Albion Hills Chiropractic And Massage can realign the foot so that pressure is more evenly distributed and lessen the possibility of recurring injuries.

Tennis Elbow: Tennis elbow occurs when there is inflammation in the tendons that connect to the elbow which occurs when the muscles are overexerted. The pain is localized around the elbow but it can also move across the forearm and end as far as the back of the middle finger. A chiropractor will be able to see if the muscles and bones have been affected by the strain which lead to the problem. After initial treatment, a rehabilitation plan will be made to the specific needs of our Mississauga patients.

Sports Medicine Chiropractor Near Me

If you live in or around Mississauga and are suffering from a sports-related injury or any injury that prevents you from giving it your all, contact Albion Hills Chiropractic And Massage. One of our expertly trained staff will gladly answer any questions you may have and set up a consultation.